Greetings from the Executive Director

SCMRF exists to serve older adults and persons with physical disabilities of limited income. We strive to provide residents living in our housing communities with the highest quality of services within the housing industry. Activities and educational programs, as well as a low-cost on-site meal program and complimentary transportation services, are provided to our residents either by the Foundation, by local service providers or by the Resident Associations of each facility. Each facility is made up of unique individuals. Liberty Tower and Wesley Manor have personalities of their own.

The Foundation prides itself in maintaining its physical plants at an exceptional level. Upgrades, renovations and capital improvements are made to preserve the buildings we own and to keep them attractive for future residents. Employees are recognized and valued through competitive wages and benefits and excellent on the job training opportunities. Funds raised by the Foundation are invested wisely by professional advisors who are guided by our Board of Directors. Gifts and donations that are deposited in the Board’s Trust Fund help improve the quality of life for current residents and for those older adults that will live in our communities in the future.

Our human resources, our community relationships and our financial and physical plant assets are being efficiently and skillfully managed and protected in order to remain successfully operational in the long term and to enable the Foundation to expand and develop additional housing units in the future.

Priscilla J. Haynes

Executive Director

Santa Clara Methodist Retirement Foundation, Inc.